English Stand Up – Propaganda Comedy #3.02 – Todd Stuchiner *Vienna

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Todd Stuchiner: The Halfman’s Tales

If ever the phrase “The truth is stranger than fiction” applied to anyone, it is New York native Todd Stuchiner. The Halfman’s Tales, now in its second year, chronicles his misadventures all over the world.

See how different cultures respond to a Jewish, Little Person with Cerebral Palsy that can’t run or fight or censor himself.
Witness his greatest hits, like dating a woman twice his size, or his fail to conceal his religion in Saudi Arabia. Stories that will make you laugh and wonder, “How is he still alive? No seriously, how is he still alive?”

Doors: 8pm
Show: 8.30pm

David Briggs claims, Todd takes self-deprecating humor to new highs and lows in his irreverent, explicit, childishly charming tales of sexual misadventure and self-discovery. An hour with him will have you laughing, crying, and always coming back for more.’
Near Gottleid adds, “Todd brings a unique self-deprecating charm to the stage that audiences immediately warm up to – but don’t be fooled: behind that charm is a sharp mind that writes tightly constructed jokes that are clever, funny, and relatable. Todd definitely punches above his weight.”

Due to upholding local COVID health restrictions such as socially distanced seating arrangement, we will have limited capacity.

Doors 8pm for a 8.30pm show start

Tickets are:
10€ group tickets (5+ people)
12€ discounted eventbrite ticket

18€ door ticket

Q: Who is Todd?
A: Originally from New York City, Todd Stuchiner is a comedian, writer and accidental world traveler living in Berlin.

Q: What kind of comedy is it?
A: The comedy has been described as Cute but Dark and focused on culture, emotional trouble, and emotional limitations.

Q: What language is this show in?
A: The show is fully in English. Np German skills necessary.

Q: Is someone going on me if I sit in front?
A: No, the show is very friendly.

Q: Is it vulgar comedy?
A: Todd’s comedy is more cultural in nature and focuses on differences between European cultures, it is not vulgar.

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Oct 23 2021


20:00 - 22:00


Shebeen - International Pub
Shebeen - International Pub Wien Austria 1070