Offensively Funny – A Safe Space…for Jokes

Offensively Funny – A Safe Space for Jokes
is a brand new english comedy show mixing: stand up, improv, audience interaction and NON PC humor!
No censorship! Funny is funny! Your 2 hosts and 2 other comedians will perform “safe sets” the first half and then the gloves come off after the break! The interactive part comes at the end of the show!


“Will I hear offensive jokes?
-We don`t know about the acts of the comedians but considering the concept of the show, most likely.”

“Will I 100% be interacted with?
-Nope! it`s perfectly fine to just wanna sit back and enjoy the show.”

“How long will the show be?
about 90 mins to 2 hours including the break.”

“How much is a ticket?
-the show is free entrance and we ask for donations at the end”

Doors open 20:00
Show begins 20:15-30

The event is finished.


Jul 20 2021


20:00 - 22:00


Shebeen - International Pub
Shebeen - International Pub Wien Austria 1070

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